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Our Story

We are extremely grateful that you are visiting our little store! It all started when we wanted to create playdough as a craft activity for my son. He was having some skin issues due to his condition and we wanted something all natural for him. The whole process was fun and fulfilling. Especially so when he had so much fun with it!  Being 100% natural means that we do not have to worry if he might be suffering from any skin irritation while playing with it or accidentally placing it into his mouth. The wide variety of colors that we have was inspired by our love for the great outdoors and the natural sights that we love seeing.  We wanted to create a similar experience for all the children out there - safe, fun, hands on creativity, and imaginative play! We hope that you and your little ones have as much fun as we do with our playdough!  And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with all your creations! We are looking forward to seeing all of them @little.dee.playdough